Cross Cultural Understanding

1. Involvement
Involvement between each personal in society is totally different. This case also happened in Indonesia which has many different tribes and cultures. Through this table, I want to discuss the differences between Madurese and Javanese especially when they do communicating. Basically, their differences are exist because the different process and the environment each person got but it’s not a generalization.

Javanese generalized try not to make conflict and keep the harmonization in society. They also keep their culture to be polite and let their interlocutors speak first. They sometimes lose their chance to tell what they want. These points make them are like not really involved in conversation with other people.

Madurese is different. They usually speak out what’s in their mind and stick to the point. Because of having high volume when they speak, it’s like they are the main subject in the conversation.

2. Male and Female ( Direct-Indirect)
Like the differences between male and female universally, the differences between Madurese (male) and Javanese (female) are also exist. The culture between each this persons also shapes their direct-indirect when they communicate each other.

Javanese (Female)
Javanese usually speaks indirectly. They start talking far from the point then they will speak the point. It is because their culture that creates them to be polite and speak slowly. The Javanese teach their female to obey the male more so they sometimes hard to tell what’s really in their mind.

Madurese (Male)
Madura usually speaks right to the point because they rather to choose the certain things. Get the point is their style. They are generalized as a rude people but the fact is Maduranese has higher volume when they speak.

The two tables explain the general characters but the things that really happened could be different due to the way the person itself to adjust with environment and with another people. The differences are appeared but accept them are better for each person in society.


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