Dutch Pioneering : Ay Ay, Captain, I Will Uphold!

            The Netherland is identically as a colonizer in the past. People in Indonesia are also usually sarcastic when they hear ‘Belanda’. They think that every Dutch people is abysmal. But, everyone can’t deny that they have left many things that we could learn. They accomodate us with the education, politics, irrigation, transportation, and any other systems while they also create our long-history hurtfully. So, leave all the negative things behind then. Let’s see what The Dutch has got peacefully and wisely. That ‘Orange’ state must be beautiful in another side.

            Dutch itself means “Low Country” due to the condition of the surface. Most of the areas below sea level are man-made, caused by centuries of extensive and poorly controlled peat extraction, lowering the surface by several meters. The Netherlands has a long-pathetic story because the flood. For years, Netherlands lose more than thousand people. The events made them very carefull for the nature disasters.

            The uniqueness of Netherlands is they have a motto, “I Will Uphold”. When every Europeans admit that The Netherlands couldn’t hold on due to the condition of the surface, The Netherlands stands alone with the motto and become a very great nation in Europe even in the world. The history records that Netherlands was one of the first countries to have an elected parliament. The Netherlands are also a founding of EU, NATO, OECD, and WTO. These prove that The Netherlands is a Pioneer from Europe.

            The Netherlands really shows what he’s got. He is really ‘Orange’ then. For your information, since the 16th century, shipping, fishing, trade and banking have been leading sectors of the Dutch Economy. From my opinion, after reading some their articles in Wikipedia, it’s such a wow! They lead almost every single sector in Europe. I couldn’t even know how to explain how pioneering they are.

            Pioneer itself means to be one of the first people to do something. All the articles entire the web proves that The Netherland is the country that will stand and stick to be the greatest one to create the continuity of human life. Pioneer is all about the power of will to build the good life for the better future. Ay ay, Captain, I will uphold!


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