For Now

I’m in the very-summer-moment for now. No rain, no clouds, just sunshine and the singing-birds. I could laugh for everything or even could cry and still thankful for that. I feel warm and want to share it to the world.

I love everyone that pass my life by. Love, what a complicated word but I understand know how to share it to the world.


“Dear Jesus, thank You for every pain that I felt due to my stupidness, due to my mistakes. I realize now that You’re the one who loves me a lot with everything that I have now. You’re the one who heals my heart. The world or some people could hurt me but You’re always here, beside of me to lift me up. What a wonderful love You always give to me and I wonder whether I need another love or not. Hmm.. But still for now, there’s only You in my heart. Amen <3”





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