The Flying Rain

The sky starts to become dark and the sun is being fallen by the clouds.


Wind and tears. They become the spotlite now.

The people in the Kingdom of Clouds starts crying.

They feel so blessed with the pain of being cursed by people on earth.

Well, fyi, people on earth are in the very bad mood because the mighty-rain doesn’t sing.

Then,  the rain starts to fly, he sings a joyful song. He cries a lot today though he laughs.

“Feel it people! Feel it!”


While on earth, I’m looking at the window and thingking of the why rain falls and for what reason he loves the ground a lot.

Don’t you think he flies into earth to meet the ground and cuddle each other while people on earth seeking a place to away from become wet?

I’d rather say rain is flying than is falling because I want to see the rain moves his body like a balley.

Today is the day that rain flying like a ballerina.



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