Final Exam

Final Exam

Finally, I don’t know what I want to say but I feel so close to death. This thing makes me sick. I want to leave earlier. I hate him. A lot. So much. With whole my heart, I hate him.

Someone throws me a  sight. He’s like asking a favor from me. He needs a help.

“I’m trapped dude! What do you think I’m doing right now?”

“Dear amigo, help me please. I can’t hold on more.” He answers me with his Latin accent.

For God’s sake, I don’t even know how to run way now.

Then, someone throws me another sight. He’s watching me. Right into my eyes. His pupils arose. Now, he draws his bow and ready to shoot his arrow.

“Do it by yourself! You know the consequence, right?”

Finally, he shoot it to me.

“Yes, Sir. But, can you hold it for a second? I need some concentration.” I answered him, hoping he will hold his arrow.

“As your wish. As always, like a boss. Talk too much but zero action. Go finish it!”

Ah, he shoots me another one. I believe my ears are bleeding.

 Then, I keep waiting until it ends. Tik tok. Tik tok. The clocks sing his same song and it also makes me sick. I need some help. Really.

I try to find out who is almost free, who is trying to cut the string.

Ah, I can see her relief. She’s almost in the final to run away. I try to reach her name.

“Jane! Jane!” I whisper her name. She tries to find out who is calling her name.

“What?” she answers me finally.

“What is it? The last.” I tries to explain what I need.

“I’m not that kind dear. You didn’t even consider my request  about us. Get off!” She leaves directly and I’m losing my word.

 It’s more than the arrow that was shot for me. My heart is bleeding now.

“Are you okay amigo? You look pale.”

“I’m okay dude.”

“But, you’re not.”
“Yeah, I think I’m not.”

I give my small smile. End conversation.

How can she still talk about that in this situation? I can’t understand the way woman thinks.

The bell rings. Finally, that song saves me and another kids.

“Okay. Hands off guys! No more movement. Put your paper on your desk and I will collect it by myself. You may go out.” The man that shot me his arrow is cutting the string and finally I’m free.

I go out from class while wipe my sweat with my sleeves. I take out my handphone and ready to throw every thing I feel today at Twitter.

@Surya16                                                                                                                                   10 secs

Dear guys you gotta be happy because being dumped by a girl is your sweet final destination. Final exam? Arggh, don’t ask ‘bout it 


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