How Far Have You Changed in Your 3rd Year?

“THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!” Well, not really a real Sparta with muscles and sweety sweaty that comes from those hot dudes. I mean, this is third year and I feel (still) good.

Hey look, I never imagine me myself become so unbreakable (halah), damn cool but quite miserable. Going through 2 years and still alive is fantastic. Then here I come, third year, the year of everything will never be the same. It’s like a year of maturity and become so rational. No more naive! 

I will definitely miss the moments when things were not that hard to face, the years when we were so naive after graduating from high school. I will miss the moments when I don’t have to think so hard about my future, about being someone that needs to make money after college.

Early years were so good then dudes and lads.

I have changed but I stay adorable and nice because I am.


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