Leaf and Gum

            It is fall when the wind blows so hard and brings leaves from the trees around London. When the wind moves softly near the bridge next to the park, a paper gum joins the group of leaves.

“Wow, leaves!” said the paper gum loudly.

“Yeah, leaves.” A leaf answers carelessly while tries to sleep again.

“I never see leaves again since I lived with the old man. By the way, hi, I’m Gum. My old man oftenly calls me Gummy. You?”

The lead answers lazily, “I’m sleep-lover leaf. Another leaves oftenly call me Sleeping Leaf. Hoamm…”

“That’s the coolest name I’ve ever listened to. Where do you come sleeppp… Aaaaaa!” the wind starts to blow fast and faster.

“THIS IS AAAAMAAAZINGGGGG, LEAAAAAF!” Gum screams more loudly but the leaf keeps sleeping beautifully.


“A tree.” The Leaf answers softly.

“WHAAATT??” Gum still asks.

“You don’t have to scream. We’re landing now.” The Leaf finally opens his eyes.

“I come from an old-big tree inside a bussiness man’s modern house,” the Leaf answers again while looking out the surroundings.

“I believe that’s a good place.” Gum

                        Leaf and Gum, this is the best way to call them, our character in this story. As you know, they have a rare conversation yet awesome journey. Let’s see where the wind takes them slowly.

Leaf and Gum finally arrives near the window of a pretty house with beautiful garden. A kid is running around and playing with his rabbit then Leaf and Gum hear something from the inside. The kid stares at the window with Leaf and Gum.

“I don’t know what you want, now. If you want to leave, go on but Jason stays with me!” A woman speaks at someone loudly. She throws a glass of water to the wall.

“I don’t want to leave, Jane. I want to stay. Why do you always see me so badly?” The man answers. His eyes look red.

“I don’t want Mom and Dad to fight again. I don’t want it.” The boy burst into tears. He starts to walk and sits right below a tree. He bows his head while wipe his tears.

Leaf and Gum see each other.

“Why parents always do this thing? Fighting each other, yelling each other. They don’t even know that it hurts their children.” Gum looks so mad.

“They are human, Gum. They have their own ego. Sometimes, they tend to forget that they have children who listen to them. And copy them. Sadly.” Leaf starts to explain carefully while looks at Jason. The fighting is still on. Jason is still in his

“I think that is not supposed to do. They marriage so they have to love each other. I don’t—“

“There’s always an unexplainable thing in the world. We just have to see and learn.” Leaf interrupts Gum.

Gum stares at Leaf and says no words.

Yeah. Leaf was right. Sometimes, we don’t understand what happen around us because we just need to see and learn. And now, the wind takes Gum and Leaf to another place where there is a story there. What kind of story is waiting for them? Let’s see.

The wind takes them near a window where a boy stares. He seems to crave for something in the outside.

“What are you doing, dear?” a woman comes into his room.

“Study, Mom.” He answers shortly while back to the books close to him. His mom rubs his hair. He seems uncomfortable.

“Good. I’m dreaming you become a great doctor, dear. A great man. So no one from our family will underestimate you. Right?”

“Yes,  Mom.” He stares at his books. He quite doesn’t want to read but has to.

“Great. You just need to study hard and pass the test. I want you to become a doctor like your father. May God be with him.”

“Yes, Mom.” He smiles to his Mom.

“Fake smile.” Leaf starts the conversation.

“Hmm. I don’t think that he wants to do it. Reading those books or even stays at his room. I think he wants something else in the outside.” Gum stares at the boy who also stares at the window.  He seems to seek something.

“So do I but there’s always an unexplainable thing in the world. We just have to see and learn.” Leaf answers Gum perfectly.

The boy starts to read his book and writes.

The story between the boy and the outside of the window is not over but the wind has to take them to another part of London, the places they’ve never thought before.

They keep quiet. They keep listening to another waste that chit chat, talking about their surroundings.

“Why is the human’s life as not simple as ours?” Gum can’t hold on their silence.

“It maybe because they are human and we are just waste.” Leaf smiles at Gum for the very first time.

“Hahaha. I don’t know that you also could throw such a joke.”

In a moment, they are landing in a place. The place they’ve never thought before.

They see a man is standing at his balcony. Gum and Leaf walks and sees the surroundings until Leaf stops.

“That’s the businessman I’ve told you before Gum. ”

“He is rich, right?”


There’s someone knocks at the door and the man opens the door. Silent. An old man follows the man to the balcony.

“Hey, look! That’s the old man that I’ve told you, Leaf! What is he doing here?”

“ Really? Well, let’s see.”

The old man walks slowly into the house while looking at surroundings,

“You have a great house, Son.” The old man starts talking.

“Yes.” He answers shortly and backs his father.

“I miss you, Son. You never visited me again since Mom’s gone. Hmm. I think it’s because of me, right?” the old man starts teary.

“You know the answer. Dad.” Still gives his back.

“I don’t know where to stay after my shop is confiscated, Son. May I stay with you? I just don’t want to stay far from you.”

“Let’s see, Dad. I have to go. I got a meeting.” The man takes his phone and leaves his father alone.

“Poor old man. He’s such a happy man back years ago.” Gum stares at the old man. The old man cries without sound.

“I understand why the man stays alone.”


“He denies others. He doesn’t need others.”

“Why? Is there anyone in this world wants to stay alone forever. Even us, the waste, something that has no value, we need the others.”

“Well, in my opinion, it is because of his past. I don’t know what happened with him in the past because I grew up when he was so succeed. Gum, we often see the others but we only see their ‘skin’ not their soul.”

“Skin but not soul… The old man was so happy with his wife. Even I could feel the happiness in the candy shop. People always love to see the old man made sweet. He was a master. When his wife was gone, everything changes to be gloomy.”

“I see. That’s we always call, life.”

“I think I learn many things today, Leaf.” Gums smiles so bright at Leaf.

Suddenly, the wind starts to move.

“Why does he take us so fast ?!” Leaf says it aloud.

“He may got bored. Hahaha.”

The wind does not take them to another place but the place where they gather with another waste.

“Hey, Leaf. We arrive in the landfill. Let’s tell them what we saw today!”

“Hmm.. Good idea. Let’s go!”

“Guys, we got you stories to tell. It’s about human. It’s about what they did with their life, with their family. It’s beau–” Gum speaks with smile.

“We don’t need your story. Just shut up!” a waste cuts.

“Why?” Leaf asks.

“Because we all will burned in the end of this.” Another waste points out the fire that burns the waste.

Leaf and Gum stares each other. Leaf smiles at him and Gum smiles him back.

“I don’t know that today we’re gonna learn something valuable. Thanks to you, Leaf. It’s such a pleasure to meet you.”

“Me, too. It is so sad to end up like this but farewell.”


Finally, Leaf and Gum end up with no stories to tell to their friend but they finally learn something that every person has their own story. We also learn that even waste look at human’s life and learn from us.


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