Dear Future, Dear Me

Check check, check one and two. Check your mind and your heart please, Fan.

I have no idea. I lost my mind when everything comes so fast in front of my eyes. One side says that, another asks my position. I’m in the condition of Rangga usually call, “Bimbang..”

Is it for me? Will it work for me? Is it God has planned for me? If yes, it must be a very big chance for me. Then, there must be a future right in my hands, I have to sail my boat stronger and protect everything I love now.

It’s not easy for me, Lord but if You allow me to through it all, I trust You are the one who breaks it all. It’s not for me, it’s only for You. Please, look into my heart, does it still heart on You? Are my eyes still on You?

I’m afraid of losing Your grace. That’s it.


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