Next Time

For the very next time, we have to learn not to make a very misunderstood situation. Why? It is because of people’s responds are way more different each other. In addition, if we want to say A, just say A to the specific person not to all of people that you know. Why (again)? Because for me, being specific and personal is quite priceless and pretty. If we are so good in friendship then have many listeners that want to listen to your stories, it’s good. Just good. Not more than the good.

Personally, sharing my personal stories is hard. It is caused by my own ideology that only shares stories to the person that I believe is good to me. So, it means not everyone deserves my stories. I spare my stories to the person who is quite helping. Then, if we want to share everything to every person, who’s the special one, then?

In summary, I’d like to state that human not only need food to satisfy their tummy because we practically need each other and couldn’t choose personal as the special one. We are starving of attention and a good listener. We act as the center of everyone but (might be) not at all. We could care to everyone and share love to every person in this surface but no one is really special because we are too narcissist.

And for the very (last) next time, please choose a very special one to be our listener or we might tell the world in Twitter.



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