Was Inspired

Nothing can beat you down unless you let he goes through your darkest side.

Nothing can make you cry unless you let he touches your soul and gone.

Nothing can make you suffer unless you let he dig into your scars and wounds.

Nothing can make you fall in love unless you let free yourself.

Because sometimes to love means to leave yourself and be free.

Because usually to love means to let people broke your chained heart.

Because always to love means to fall.


I completely wrote this poem as a part of my duty. Duty to write what I believe I want to write. There’s no such intention to tell you guys, the reader, if you’re exist some where, that I’m in love or what. I was inspired by a poem I read in Let’s Eat Korean drama (LOL). It’s about rice. You probably want to find out, just search “Puisi di Let’s Eat” and you’ll find it soon. If you have found the poem, you better tell me your thoughts about the rice-poem through comment below this entry. Gomawo 🙂


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