Are You Hunting Me Down?

Love is an affection. Affirmative. Yet I believe love is an illusion coming from some littler parts of our brain that control your sexual hormones. If the brain is lessen attracted, well, you probably aware of my statement before.There would be a-month-love, a-year-love or an-until-died-love. It all depends on both of the subjects whose brain, heart and the outer-look. I never believe that love will be immortal like a fake character, vampire, because naturally human is an animal.

Biologically, we, human, tend to ‘hunt’ other human as the effect of how normal our brain works. After getting the ‘prey’, then we ‘eat’ it, ‘taste’ it, or even ‘sucks’ the blood until dry luckily the ‘prey’ keeps being silent because it also ‘enjoys’ the ‘hunting’ and ‘eating. To conclude, the ‘eater’ and the ‘eaten’ becomes partner each other to fed their hunger.

So, here might be the process (based on my experience and my short-term-deep-thought)

First, the ‘prey’ looks good. It attracts the ‘hunter’ and the ‘hunter’ also looks good. Both of them look at each other, start to send a smile, the blushing one. Then, the ‘hunter’ really can’t wait and approach the ‘prey’. It looks good even closer. How lucky the ‘hunter’ is!

Second, they meet in a ‘ground’. Both of them look even better. The ‘hunter’ starts to maintain their meeting. He (or she) always starts to talk even the ‘hunter’ really can’t wait to ‘taste’ the deeper conversation. Or maybe they have to ‘taste’ each other.

Third, the’prey’ can’t let the ‘hunter’ go. By here, the ‘prey’ comes first to meet at the ‘ground’. He (or she) dreams how ‘delicious’ the hunter’s’ heart, brain, lips. (Oops) It must be good even to ‘enjoy’ the blood.

Fourth and the last. They ‘hunt’ each other. Ending by having a ‘meeting’ and the hunter also ‘shouts’ a loud that he(or she) is starving and craving the ‘prey’. The ‘prey’ looks happy. Finally, they ‘hunt’, ‘eat’, and ‘enjoys’ each other. They becomes one. But we can not deny they become double ‘player’ in the next game. Or finally they will finish the ‘stage’ and ends the game.


So this is my first-30-days-writing project and starting with an ewh writing. Why did I write this? I don’t know. It is probably because of my hormones and my-lack-of reading. I often read romantic webtoon. So, the writing is so subjective and no-judgement at any one. It’s all sourced from my mind. Even you are offended please tell me :’)

Okay then, I end my first day writing project because tomorrow is holiday! I’ll post the photos and hopefully they are cool hahaha. Amen! Ciao and God Bless


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