To the days I left without continuing #NulisRandom2015, I apologize. Several days I have left without story each of the day. But between them I left my trace. Several days without writing means several days got a story between them. The story I never imagine to write or talk about. Let’s say shit things happened and I gotta face this shit to make me bigger and grower.

I have lost but I got the most. I have cried but I smile brighter. I laugh louder and love harder. But, it doesn’t change a bit sadness and a hole in some parts on my mind. I got mad but I have to be wiser to release the pain that I unconsciously created because the fear I hold dear.

You never lost until it’s really gone.

You never know it’s dark until it stops shining.

But You know it’s good until you stops being afraid.

They told me to be strong and I done well.


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