having sisters is a wow-bless

When you haven’t find a home, I urge you to find one because home is there. In every person you meet. You just need to get closer and open the door. Yours and theirs.


I don’t know. I dreamed about having sisters long ago. Hadn’t had one. Only cousins, but never be as close as I’ve imagined. Until I grew up, and after my father said, you should be the one who lead your brother, I realized that I need to see the reality. I don’t have sisters. I do have brother. No doubt, I loved him more than I love myself. And the love for my brother has grown day to day. No doubt about it.

Then, years been walking till I reached my 17 years old. Living in a new city. Meeting new friends. Learning new things. Liking a new boy. Life is new to me.

I was an angry girl. I mad at myself. I cannot change things happened to me or my closest. I am incapable to move to other box of life. I am mad for my decision to…

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