Our Thoughtful Mind


I want to tell you that every thought we have is radiant.

Our mind is not a simple universe to explore about. It is about to control your action then affect the others. It could bounce your feelings while logic lead your head.

Our mind is as beautiful as eyes could speak. It has sparklings work together with hormones in order to let you be happy or sad. Or in love.

Our mind works hard while awake or sleep. But it works harder when your heart is ripped off. Even it works lower, your heart is still nowhere.

Our mind sadden the room. It sadden the people. It breaks person.

Our mind, whether it is acceptable or not, is a great storage to save your memories, data, information, and people. Or person.

Our mind is a completely madness. It is a messy room we can’t tidy up in minutes. It is full of papers, dirt, dust and pieces of feelings.

So, what is the benefit of thoughtful mind apart from your storage?

Our mind is a plug-and-play playlist. It has dozen of songs you love or songs you shut off. Songs you sing for people. Songs you sing for yourself. Song to remind where you are and where they were.

Our mind, the place that camera can’t capture. That camera can’t see the eyes can’t see. That camera can’t listen the jokes person tell.

Our mind needs a time to break every chance that heart got or do we need to shut our mind for a moment only to let heart screams?

Where is our heart while our mind is telling the alphabets, A to Z we should do or we should have done?

It might be dead.

It might be hidden.

or it might stay on the corner and let the mind fights the war.


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