Oh Wonder All I Ask


Leaving someone you care about never gives you happiness. It is only a short cut not to hurt other person you love.

Heart breaks. Heart fools. Mind screams. Souls hurt.

My souls begs to turn away and find you there. Yet my mind tells me I can’t let heart-fools leads. I was crying. Crying over my destiny. Over my love should be taken away.

My heart breaks. I kill my own feelings. My love.  And leaving you is never being a part of my plans. I imagine this future with you yet God seems disagree.

I still want you. I still crave your presence. How do I get rid you from this space of my heart, my dear? How do I tell you that I still and always heart you, my love? If I am the one who hurt you, how will I be the one who makes you happy?

Stay there, dear. Stay because there must be someone who offers you her life and never leaves you like I did. Even I still wants you become the part of my future, I can’t deny God disagree for now.

And I don’t know what God gives to me in the future. Is that you or you are definitely with other?

What if I should meet someone so in that way I could get rid you from my mind.  Yet my heart still wants you. My mind told me to get you back but imagining you are hurt by me breaks my heart too.

You deserve to be happy, with or without me. Our destiny stops here. I should take care of myself. You too. And I wish you a great life with coffee and things you will find out soon.


Best regards,


Me, who still and always cares about you.


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