How to Be A Proud Jobless

You would never imagine being jobless could be this fun. You thought it would change you into someone worst because the label of being jobless. In the contrary, being jobless helps you appreciate leisure time to do things you never did before.
In my case,I lose reading and writing. During my college, I only read college books and novels. That’s all. Reading as my obligation not as my needs. Also, I only write for papers. In the end, I lose the sense of writing. It sadden me a lo. One step at a time, I even lose myself because college stuff. I forget what I want. What I want to do.
Yet after I become jobless, I could do what I want. It is because I have more time for myself. Finally, I could read more and more books. Books that boost my self improvements. Books that help me to see people more deeply. Books that help me to grow. Also, I could write more and more. Finally, I could post more on my blog. For that, I am so proud of myself. I am proud to be jobless.
Being jobless also could help me to take care of my family more. Being perantauan for 4 years took my time with my family. I couldn’t watch my sisters grow. I skip moments with them. Now, I pay them all. Being jobless makes me more appreciate my mom, my dad also my sisters. Being jobless makes me family woman. For that, I am so proud of myself. I am proud to be jobless.
In another hand, being jobless helps me to plan what I want to build for my future. It gives me time to decide steps I have to take for further. I finally could see what I have dreamt so far before college time struck my head. I know what I want deep in my heart. For that, I am so proud of myself. I am proud to be jobless.
For some people who is desperately looking for a job, be calm. Because the universe already served the food on the plate. You only need to be calm and stay sane. You might not understand now but you will when you connect the dots right behind your back.
Be a proud jobless. Do what you want before being workers change you into someone else.


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