Your Greatest Achievement

Note: This posting has been drafted many many times.

You want something big. Everyone does. So, there is no one could underestimate you. No one could see you lightly . You want to achieve more than anyone does. You want to make history and call it your greatest achievement.
Well, me as well.
I also want something big. I want to make history. And I don’t want people underestimate me. Don’t want them to take for granted me. I want to be seen as cool and hero one. I really want to be.
However, greatest achievement is different for every personal. If your greatest achievement is graduating from school, it doesn’t mean my greatest achievement is graduating from school as well. But, thinking about achieving something great drives me pointless. I mean we need to connect the dots until we definitely understand the meaning of greatest achievement itself. Achieving something great is good but how could we achieve something great if we don’t learn to achieve the little greatly.

Every person has different personal great achievement. What is yours are not the same like mine vice versa.

To continue my drafts and to post them on my blog is my personal greatest achievement.
To have quality time with my family on my busy work days is also mine.
To help my friend with their thesis is mine as well.
To be able grateful for everything I have and experience is my personal greatest achievement.
To see my surroundings with smile and cheerfully is mine.
To believe God has planned the best for my family is also mine. And it is the greatest achievement.

So, what is yours?

Even in the beginning, it is like the blur image but in the end it would be a perfect image of yours truly.


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