I Guess I am Writing as An Adult

“How does it feel to be an adult?” my prior question during my college life. Yet, now the answer is served on the plate. This is the stage where we have dozens of option. We also might pick whatever we have interest with. And there is no problem about that. Also, the problem is that. This is the stage when we have so many options. It would make us harder to choose. To choose between our passion or what other said to us. Yes, adult.

“What do you lose from being an adult?” my another question. Yet, now I already lose my time as myself. My time with my loved ones. The only reason is because I need to proof that I can be ‘that adult one’. To proof that I can stand on my own feet. To proof that I am the PART of the adult ones. I am the part of the society.

“Who are you now?” my literally question to my mind. I have no idea. The puzzles are in my hand. They are scattered on the floor now. I am trying to put the pieces one by one but it turns to be blurred images. Probably, we would never be able to figure who we are out. We are and will be that blurred image. Becoming imperfect one as well.

“What is it to be an adult?”
There is no exact answer for that question. I am still walking on this earth yet I still find no answer. What I am doing now is to be better every day, to work hard and to learn from my failure. If this is the perks of being an adult, I am now.




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