I Guess I am Writing as An Adult (part 2)

It took a month to finally post my last writing. Then, when I was writing this one, I wished I could finish and finally post it.

So here we are.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about many things. As usual, I am a thinker so I have a lot of things I am observing or just..thinking. Most of them are about life and the stage I am involving right now. Adult.

Well, I just realize how choices we take gives us the different opened door. I might have realized this theory somewhere back years ago. Then, it becomes clearer that what we live right now is the result of choices we take over things.
The simple example like:

I choose to sleep earlier than watch K-dramas so I could wake up we early to catch some Kilometres running.
I choose to bring lunch from home so I can save more money to buy my mom a birthday present.
Or probably
I choose to fight ibuk-ibuk for a seat in KRL because I am so tired and need a 20 minutes sleeping.
Hmm maybe
I choose to buy expensive Korean skin care to get me guarantee that I might become like Kim Tae Hee sometime in the future. Yeah. Might be.

Or even

I choose you over other men. (Ok this is not the part of my writing casually).

I didn’t realize it when I am thinking very hard about life in the bar with the dim light and some beers. I just realize it when I woke up earlier last Sunday and finally get my self sweaty. I finally have my sun and some jogging. Praise God!

Therefore, what I choose or all of you choose REALLY takes us somewhere. It is like a key to different doors. God gives us options. He gives us more choices and it is our job to choose. Is it the opened door good for you or not? Hmm.. I believe this is also our job to ask Him an answer and a guidance as well.

What makes choosing more complicated is we are (most of 20s) living in the stage with many options. We are figuring out who we are (when we think we finally found it back when we were teenagers but not!). We are trying to run to our dreams while making our surroundings a.k.a society proud. Or satisfied if I could say so.

In another way, we are craving to add more acceptance not from other but from ourselves. We are craving to be the ‘one’ who beat down our weak side inside of us. To beat the little one in our mind who always say “YOU CAN’T BE. ACCEPT THAT FACT.”

Yeah, in the end, we are probably growing up to beat down ourselves not others.


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