Dare to Love Yourself Writing Project – Recap

A week ago–less than a week– I guess, I got an idea to write a new posting on my blog. It was about how we really need to love ourself right before we could love others as well. I found this topic is important since I experience most of the people around me don’t understand how to love their partner properly. Some relationships are sink to the darkness just because of simple matters. Well, it doesn’t mean mine is beautiful but lemme try then.
*Going back to the main topic*
Then, I am imagining how this “love yourself” topic would be a good topic if I could invite my friends to write their own definition, their own ideas about it. When in Valentine’s Day most of people talk about their love to their partner or their crush, how about theirself? Therefore, I created this writing project, Dare to Love Yourself Writing Project in this Valentine Day. I was scared that no one would not join it because this is really my original writing project. (Hahaha. My second one would be better. I promise.)

I am so thankful for all of people who are interested to join and push themselves to write. Yes, everyone could write actually but it needs to be pushy. 

Here are the recap of bloggers who join Dare to Love Writing Project:

  1. Ahmad Zaidi with How to Love Yourself
  2. Achamadyanta Bagus Purnawan with How I am Right Now
  3. Muhammad Isham Nugroho with Dare to Love Yourself
  4. Anandya Asprillia with A Self Reminder – Dare to Love Yourself Writing Project
  5. Margaretha Eka Putri with The Good in Goodbye 
  6. Yunisa Ayu Mentari with How I Supposed to Live 
  7. Raden Yani with It is Never Easy – Dare to Love Yourself Writing Project
  8. Agung Frastiyawan with Killing Self Thought for Self Love
  9. Eka Wahyuni with Dare to Love Yourself Writing Project – The Hidden Part
  10. Nur Fitriani with Do I Understand Myself?

My dear friends above have been struggling many things until they finally reach the point of fed up, fucked up but they never give up on themselves. They never stop dreaming. They never stop loving themselves.

Me myself finally found my way to love mys self better until I become my whole person in Jesus. I thought myself was not good enough, born with so many bad figure. FYI, It was a very long process full of tears and sweat. His love changes me a lot. Now, I become someone who respect myself so much. That makes me respect any person I meet. So, for everyone who reads this posting, I wish you could find the way to love yourself better. I wish you find His light and His light guides you to His plans.


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