World Poetry Day Project 2017


“I’m not that artsy. I can’t write poetry.”
“Hmm I guess I am not into poetry forever.”
And other negative statement of how some person deny to start writing a poem.

Some people might worry their skill in writing poetry. They think they don’t have  ‘Chairil Anwar’ skill. However, anyone can write a poetry. How? Just write. You don’t know the result until you finally try, right?
So, this is how I want to continue our Valentine “Dare to Love Yourself” Project. Let’s celebrate the WORLD POETRY DAY now!
After getting some advice from my fellow writer *asik*, I decide to take “How You Look at Your Surroundings Nowadays” as the main theme. The goal is easy: Tell the world you can write a poetry and the poetry must represent the main theme.

How do we deal with this project now?

To spread the spirit of World Poetry Day, it is a must to re-post the photo above and this posting. Then, please follow the instructions below:

1. It is better you to post your writing in your personal blog then please send me the link.
You might contact me in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or my private LINE (@steffnoya). Don’t forget to promote your writing in all you social media with #WorldPoetryDayProject
2. If you don’t have blog account, you may write in Facebook note or simply message me in FB. I’ll spare some space on my blog and put your social media profile on it.
3. The due date is on  March 20th 2017, 2017 at 11.55 PM.

I would be so glad if you give yourself a try and being the best version of you because I would be too. Happy writing!


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