Laughing Out of Life



Disclaimer: It is a consistent me and my friends’ writing that we MUST post every single week. This week’s theme is life purpose. So, I wish I could tell you in clean and sharp paragraphs about it.

Dear living one, how’s life? Or the proper question might be “what is life”?
I know million of ideas jump in and out in your mind. You start to feel happiness or grieve at the same time. Probably, the answer is none.
Yes, I know you’re surviving both questions. Whether to answer the question or to stay alive. Then, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Lemme tell you short thing about me.

I am (almost) 24 years old in next July. (Yes, Cancer team babe! I’m Mrs. Crab)
I have for almost 24 years been living on mother earth.
I have survive, pass and experience things. Even, I believe I’m not the master of life.
Along these years, I have learnt from the sweetest until the worst one. You name it.
Along these years, I have learnt that every single person survive and struggle. We might live in the same land but we might have different matters. I call it the beauty of diversity.
Along these years, I have experienced the ups and downs. Not forget to mention, I have (and still) learn about life; the meaning, the purpose, the goals or the dreams.

Specifically, I believe all of us still try to find what our life purpose is. I am dreaming. You are dreaming. All of us do dreaming something bigger,  wilder, and stronger in our life. It is normal because we are striving for better things. Something that connects with our soul and fill the spaces in our heart. Therefore, it is so needed to find our life purposes because it is related to the mortality of ourselves. Yet, is it really needed?

Personally, I never have a very specific life purpose because when I try to have one, I end up learn new values that change my mind. Once in my life, I really want to take Communication major because I want to work in media industry. Then, as the time goes by, I chose English Literature.  When I got SNMPTN result, I realize what I have at that time is the result of my experience for years. Since I was a kid, my parents let me listened to their 80s collection album and let me watch Friends, Dawnson’s Creek or Smalville series. They let me surrounded by “English Literature”. Also, I love to transcript lyrics of my favorite songs and translate it by myself with the help of dictionary. I used to read dictionary and wrote new words I found. The most interesting is I love to write poem, short stories or simply blog entry. I have done those for years.

And that is why I feel English Literature is so into me. (Put away the Communication major then)

In another way round, life purpose is also misinterpreted to: who someone becomes , what someone gets, where someone goes, when someone do this or do that, in the future. Like, everything spins around the future. Then, it sometimes makes us lose our present version. We forget the right-now-process we have until we miss the life itself. We focus on the future until we realize we are nothing without our present.
I repeat again. We are nothing without our present.
So, if you want to be particular subject or if you want to get particular things in the future, where are you now? What are you doing now to be someone? To have things? Those are the right questions to have life purpose answer.

You never know where you are going to go if you haven’t read the map.
You never know what you are going to be if you haven’t become someone you don’t want to be.
You never get what you need if you haven’t learn what you want isn’t always what you actually need.

Yet, if you still ask what my life purpose is, I’d like to answer with “I want to be present in every single details I have in present. It is a present from God and I honor Him in my present.”

Dear friend, life is full of surprises so don’t expect it would follow our instructions. Because sometimes, life gives you lemon when you want (water)melon. So, let’s taste the life and laugh out of it!


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