Knock Knock, Problems are Here!

Disclaimer: This is the second post about life, continuing the “life purpose” last week. This week, we give you “life problems or obstruction”.

Last week, I proclaimed myself with no specific life purpose because it is easy for me to change once I learn new value. Therefore, it is better for me to focus on present, working in details then let the future is shaped by the now-process. However, during my now-process, problems are always knocking my door. The problems come from so many places with no exact time and have no appointment first. Yeah, you just can’t say, “Dear problems, why don’t you ask me whether I’m busy or not? You can’t simply come to my life.” I believe it’s not. They just come as ‘the order’ is sent to them.

When the problems become guests in my life, I let them in. Just for playing cool. Then, I am wondering why they could come. There are a lot of questions at that time but my brain like stop processing once they come.
For sure, there is no problem entering your life without intention. Once I wonder, I learn that problems might come because my own mistake. I give you one example. I always have this kind back pain after I have less sleep hours. At the beginning, I deny the pain until it never stops.  The back pain is getting worst and I have to put on koyo more and more. I can’t imagine how much money I already spend only for koyo. Hmm….
Actually, I take my time for awhile then realize I have back pain every time I work over time during the night and still have to wake up early. In short, my problem is back pain and my own mistake is stupid-sleeping-hour-management.

After that, as an intelligent creature, I have to decide how I ‘kick out’ my back pain problems. Amazingly, my brain told me, “Get more sleep, genius!” Then, it is like the lamp above my head is on. I decide to have more sleep. But, what about my works then?
Once again, my amazing brain told me, “Why don’t you stop having gadgets during your work time, workers?”. Oh, my brain starts to have some anger I guess. Then, slowly but sure, I learn to put away my gadgets and being more intimate with my work so I could sleep better and have no back pain. (Even, it is hard.)

That process made me realize how could I lose my sleeping time just for gadgets who doesn’t even care about my health. My sleeping time relates to my health but keeping up with gadgets doesn’t give a damn health insurance.

It means problems come when we can’t differ between what really relates to our essential life and what should be less exist in our life. In another way round, we give more space to things that are not meant to us. We let things fill the spaces they don’t deserve until we feel fed up and call the situation, “problems”. Yeah, the situation where you couldn’t differ things you need or not is problem.

In addition, my priest once preached that problems come into our life because they come as an alerts. In one side, you might have problems because your own mistake and God does care about your goodness. He wants you to go back to the right path. Likewise, problems might come into your life as you are ready for the next level.

Problem is like a ‘present’ from God right? Eventually, you’ll thank your problems existence tho. Therefore, don’t worry too much. You’ll need your energy to overcome your problems.

Hang on! The problems do exist but God’s help are coming.


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