On the first week of May, I wrote about life purpose. In brief, I explained that I have no life purposes because it is indefinite and dynamic. For me, there is no such an exact life purpose. It’s because I can’t guarantee with my dynamic life, I could hold into particular life purpose.

Then, on the second week, I wrote about life problems which come with no alert first but become a good sign in the end. For me, the problems are like gift from God, whether to take us back to right path or to lead us to the higher level.

Here comes the third week with life solution. Problems come, solution follows as well.

What makes life evolve is the human himself. It is because we have a job to make our life better and grower. We dream and work for things we want to reach. To be more specific, we never want to reach below because we dream the stars above the sky.

Let’s say you want to be a singer then you will spend most of your times singing (not eating). It’s because you want to sing better until people call us “singer”. Or if you want to be a food critics. I am sure you will go eating in many restaurants to taste the food and to review their food. It’s because you want to tell whether the restaurant serves a good food or not.

Actually, those are just the basic examples because I believe there are more goals you want to reach. You might say you want to just graduate as soon as possible but you might say you want to graduate and get the job as soon as possible. I believe, no matter what goals you want to reach, you’d provide more time to do things you think will help you to reach them.

However, here comes the complex situation. While we try to reach the stars, some terror comes in the form of “problems”.

One thing you should note in your mind is to remember that problems come into our life to help us evolve. It is because life asks us to be better or one step a head. When life is like a school, problems come as a teacher. Whether you want to listen to him or not, the decision is totally yours.

One thing I really remember is when I had bell’s palsy (you can Google it) while I was leading an event. If you already Googled it, you will learn that bells-palsy is like a ‘stroke’ which damage your face’s nerves. Your face will look weird and  weird. Yeah, just weird. But, hey, I don’t want to explain how could I survived bells’ palsy but I want to tell you what really happened.

While I lead that event, I got depressed. I worry things about this event: financial, venue, committee, etc. Every single moment, I am thinking hard about this event. Until, I didn’t take care my own body. I skipped eating because I have to go some places with staff to take care of things. I lost my sleeping time because I had to re-arrange my planning in the middle of the night. My worries made me ignoring my own health.

It was on June. We had UAS and the weather is not really good. Malang was so cold and really windy at that time. My biggest mistake was I went out without jacket. Several times. Let sum up my stupidities: skipping eating, losing sleeping time, being depressed and going out with no jacket many times. The result was I got bell’s palsy and had to spend much money because the medicine was seriously expensive. I felt so ashamed of not being able to take care my own health. I was 20s but can’t take care my self. *sigh*

So, hey, bell’s palsy is my problem. No one knows what will happen in the future. I didn’t know either that I would experience bell’s palsy in the middle of that event. Yet, I choose not to worry about it. I choose to be happy because I finally learn that we really need to take care of our health. Not because people ask us to but because we have to.

I am sure that we might be scared of what could possibly happen. We worry how we could overcome the problem. Me my self even worried the bell’s palsy I got would comeback one day.
Yet, I keep reminding myself, “ Don’t worry. Solutions do exists.” Don’t let the worries to burn your spirit to reach your star.  Don’t let problems cut off your well journey.
Therefore, I choose not to worry the bell’s palsy would come back but I choose to keep being health. The result is I become healthier and the even was run very well. Thank God.

I could also say that solutions to overcome problems are gradually developed from time to time. In another word, they are evolved. During years of our life, there are some meeting points which are called stage. Let’s say stage 1 is your level as kindergartens. Your problem is all about how to spell alphabets, denying to take a nap or ignoring to eat veggies. The solutions comes from your parents so you might be calm because you don’t need to think hard, right?

Then, here comes another level, the harder level. Like a game, the higher level, the more complicated the game is. You are offered more works to do. Equally, the problems are coming harder. Then, when the problems are coming, lemme tell you two things you need to do. First is keep being calm. Then, the second is taking moments to  decide the solution.

Without being calm, you can’t look at your situation crystally . The black clouds might limit your sight ability. Then, you probably fall into another problems. If I was not being calm, I might get panicked and can’t get medication immediately back at the moment I got bell’s palsy.

That is what being calm is really important. It is because when mind gets stuck, let heart leads. You need to be calm because you can’t listen to your heart while your mind is still busy thinking. For me, heart is a safe place to help yourself for a moment. When the storms are so terrific in your mind, heart knows how to silent them for a while.
So, being calm.

After being calm, hearts will lead and your mind finally would work well again. It is the right moment to finally decide the best solution to help you out from these thorny problems.

The question is where does the solution come from then? I tell you, our mind is an amazing place to find the way out. Our mind like an incredible out space where stars do exist and connect to each other. Once, we explore, boom! New findings are just born.
The awesome reason why I tell you to be calm is to help your mind to find the way out. Being calm is to create another boom!  Then, problems are solved.

Remember this. Being calm will grant you well work mind.


8 respons untuk ‘(Evo)solution

  1. termenung dengan statement “we dream the stars above the sky” karena selama ini gue ngerasa gue ngga ada gairah kehidupan 😐 tulisan lo ga keliatan kalo ditulis oleh seorang perempuan karena logic banget, gue suka, karena gue ga bisa selogic lo kalo nulis 😐 besok nulis kehidupan anak umur 20an awal dong mak, gue baca sebagai life guide gue. xoxo.

  2. I simply love the last paragraph which analogy-ing our mind with a space 😀
    Entah ya, talking about life and the problems that it holds always enchanted me. Just to remind us that life is not an easy toll, but there’s always a way for us to pay ourselves out of the way. And true, being calm is number one priority, satu yang kadang aku lupain pas lagi kena masalah. Thank you for writing this, Fan~

  3. Nice fan.
    Sebenarnya ‘problem’ mencari solusi itu cukup susah sih, apalagi mencoba untuk tenang. Tenang ini yg kadang membunuh sampai siklus ‘sangat tenang’ sampai lupa bahwa Tenang disini untuk mencari solusi, bukan untuk mager *sad*.
    Gimana fan kalau udah gitu, butuh Nasehat nih fan

    1. Ini sih yang selalu aku ingatkan ke diriku Chand. Kalau sudah tenang, sudah ga panik, aku biasanya turn around to start over. Maksudnya, aku harus ingat lagi tujuan dr perjalananku apa. Apa yg mau aku capai. Problem ada untuk koreksi. Berarti seharusnya aku sudah belajar untuk tidak mengulanginya. So, jangan mager. Tapi apa yg mau kamu capai itu yang jadi bahan bakar supaya lanjut hidup. Cheers!

  4. Hey, baby. Your writing is always feels so you. I can imagine you talking to me now.

    In order to fulfill the duty as writing fellas, let me give some comment related to you writing technique and the content. Hope you don’t mind dear.

    First, you writing technique is good. However, I found several grammatical mistakes (Well, everyone does!). But, it doesn’t matter anyway, this is creative writing and you write on your very own blog. So, all the ungrammatical mistakes are acceptable.

    Second, I agree with you that your writing need to be written longer. I mean, you ideas are wide and I regret that it’s quite short. I know you have lots to write but maybe some limitations limit your mind. Maybe the topic just too wide or too narrow. Maybe you have limited time to write and generate ideas. It’s okay. My suggestion, please be prepared a little bit longer before the deadline (this suggestion also works for me personally). I think you will find so much more to write. Then, voila! your writing may be a little bit longer.

    Third, about the content of your last post. Oh dear, it is correct that being calm when problems appear is so much important just as breathing. You may give us a short and easy steps to be calm when situation gets rough. That would help your readers to get so much more insight from your writing.

    Happy writing, baby dear noya!

    1. Thank you for your great comments Li. They help me to be better in writing. I agree if my writing is quite short because I realize the theme is quite broad and I don’t prepare the writing to be more specific with more ideas.

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