Love Letter to Myself

My dear,

You are full of anger. You are eager of new things beyond you already experienced. Spirit you hold cause some crashes but you don’t need to stop. Keep going. Keep breathing. Keep growing. Keep loving yourself. Because no matter what, you only need to love yourself first and the love you have will light around you.

Tears that you hold for every hurt feelings burry deep might not affect you a lot. A bit probably but promise me that you won’t go down.
Shit things happen. Things won’t go well but promise me you never stop praying for God already provides you strength and wisdom. So, go win His prize.

Being20s might change you into someone else, someone you never thought would be like you now. Someone that might make you regret things. But promise me that you’ll never forget the little daughter with soft soul you were born with. Soul which forgives and be grateful for every things that happened. Soul which remember whose Father she belongs to. Soul which never feel sorry for being kind and helpful for everyone needs to be loved.

Say it loud that you will be her you have dreamt for. Her who wakes up ready to face the world. Her who never feel ashamed to be in downs or too proud to be in ups.

My dear,
Be the best version of who you are because it is what God has planned for you. Bring down the selfishness and evil side you have and bring up the love and happiness you got.

My dear,
You might fall in love or be broken at the same time but not in slightest moment you won’t believe in the power of love. Because love is the fuel of soul like passion you hold so strong until now.

My dear,
I am sorry for your loss.
I am sorry if I never listen to our heart more.
I am sorry if I never invite logics to our table.

I am sorry if I ever hurt you. A lot of times along this 24 years.

Don’t give up on me my dear.
Don’t give up on our dream.
Don’t give up on us.

Happy birthday from me to you.

A great year with blessings finally come.


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