Review of 2017: Life Goals, Relationship, Money Managing and Depression

I guess I have to write. And here I am writing in the middle of work day, on the first of November.

Dear friends, I realize all of us will leave 2017 to 2018 in two months. Have you ever wonder why time goes too fast now? Things changed in a sec. Now, we are here. Yet, we might be in another place, tomorrow. Now, we are in a good shape but we might be in a great depression tomorrow. No one could predict. No one has planned a great plan.

Now, I am wondering what I have done in previous 10 months. On January 2017, I plan things. Some are great, some are not. I thought I done nothing but I am wrong. I just live my timezone which is really different from my exact plans. I feel okay even my plans have not work really well. It makes me to be grateful more for being in this phase and being eager to do more.

2017 has been great until today. In details, I met some circumstances I haven’t imagine before in 2017. (Thank God.)

I was in love and I was broken in love in 2017. The relationship was over and I keep going on. I feel so powerful to be here.
I could be myself.
I could stand on my feet.
I could leave my previous bad relationship.
I could take care myself more.
I could be me.
And I could love myself more to know I deserve to be better and being with a better guy based on God’s plans. Thank God.

Dear pals, I just want to tell you that being able to work and have your own income is great. The responsibilities are even greater. I am not in teaching stance, act like a wise one. Nah. I am in sharing stance. It is because I was in bad income managing then finally changed into well managing.

I was so hard to save some money or being serious in some investment but I am changed. I believe it is because I train myself hard to be calm and arrange a good outcome plan. Now, I push my self hard to put some money in a investment. No one tells me how to do that, I just learn from internet and a group of investor. I was hard to control my shopping addiction but now I win myself. I keep telling myself “You need to work hard harder if you want to shop more. Or cut some unimportant needs.”

Yeah, I was hard on myself. No regret about that because in that way I could be different.

Hey pals, this is my personal believe that the calmness inside your head is mighty to control your mind. So, be mighty on your head. Heart would always be a good place but head…I can’t say it would always be a good place.

Furthermore, my perspectives of world have moved to another point. At the beginning, I thought the world is black and white but not anymore. The world is so beautiful with the colors which are from any single person I met. Any of us are made beautiful by God and every person radiate divinely. So, spread the love instead.

Dear pals, some win. Some lose. Some fall. Some rise. Like any friendship are drown into notalk phase, mine as well. Yet, I don’t consider this phase as lose and fall sections instead of the right point to win back and rise again. Yeah, I become more positive and optimism for my life. I disagree for any space to negativity. Cheers to great friendship all of us would have again!

Then pals, interesting world I guess looking at how cruel people could be. Nowadays, the world becomes crueler offline even online. Killings and wars have existed for years but I believe telling someone to die on internet is crueler. We don’t kill the flesh but we kill them from the inside. Remember my previous words that mind would not always be a good place? Imagine those harsh words become a tool to activate dark side of mind, what would happen then? Depression, it is. Some said a great depression would be the most killing disease in 10-20 years, I guess. So, we are listening someone die due to depression soon. We are just waiting who the one would be our family, friends, our partners or another loved ones. Would you be ready?

Pals, 2017 would come to an end. The ‘7’ will be substituted by ‘8’. Until then, don’t feel broken lonely. Don’t stop until you have what you dream for. If you failed, that is good. Just rise! 

Don’t let the negativity drives you wild but let grace of Great God comes upon you. You are loved.

Cheers to blessed year!



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